Lean is a Business philosophy that continuously shortens the time between customer order and shipment by eliminating anything that increases the cost of production and time of delivery to customers. In manufacturing it encompasses an operational strategy designed to achieve the shortest cycle time through waste elimination.

Elimination of Waste

At Asla we are relentless in our drive to eliminate waste in any manufacturing process. This ethos provides the platform for operations to be conducted more efficiently and at less cost. There are real productivity gains to be made, and some typical productivity improvements can be increased by 30%+.

Continuous Improvement Culture

Our observation on Continuous improvement is based on the principle that even though the business may be performing well, you can’t rest on your laurels. We believe Companies and individual employees need to be continually thinking about ways to improve, how to deliver better products, creating products targeted to customer needs, and filling those needs quickly and more efficiently.

Our People

We only provide tried and tested lean experts with an average of twenty years industry experience. Our people have a demonstrable record of successfully  delivering major change programmes.
We operate at all levels of an organisation, from the boardroom through to the shop floor, and across all business functions. We are not support for the team we are part of the team.

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