• To make or process (a raw material) into a finished product, especially by means of a large-scale industrial operation.
  • To make or process (a product), especially with the use of industrial machines.
  • To create, produce, or turn out in a mechanical manner:
  • The making or producing of something.

The above are classic definitions of the word “manufacturing”. We believe in most cases the processes involved in manufacturing are simple if the right people are involved in their design and implementation.

We follow some simple principles in our pursuit of excellence in manufacturing…

  • On-Time
  • Using as few resources as possible
  • Better than competitors
  • Faster & Cheaper than competitors
  • While Eliminating as Much Waste as Possible

And use some classic tools eg…

  • SMED: Single Minute Exchange of DIE
  • TPM: Total Productive Maintenance
  • 5S: Visual Workplace or Visual Factory
  • KanBan: Work Signaling System
  • 2-Bin: Materials Replenishment system
  • Error & Mistake-Proofing: A perfect process tool
  • Level-Loading (Heijunka): For producing mixed quantities and styles of products
  • Inventory Reduction
  • Kaizen Events (a.k.a. Kaizen Blitzes or Improvement Events)
  • Continuous Improvement (and “Lean Culture Change”)

Asla do not claim to be “all things to all sectors” Our people are subject matter experts in manufacturing and have a track record of success in this field.

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